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Oz-Cure Ultra Violet Systems started servicing and manufacturing ultra violet curing systems for the local market in 1992. By 1998, we had UV curing systems located in 28 countries. By 2008, there were over 200 UV curing systems in the field all made in Australia by Oz-Cure Ultra Violet Systems. These systems were all designed specifically for individual requirements, and are found in the printing, wood-working, plastic and metal industries.

Today, Oz-Cure Ultra Violet Systems is proud to be associated with RunWing UV. RunWing UV has been manufacturing ultra violet curing machines since 1997. This company also prides itself on manufacturing for a world wide market. Together RunWing UV and Oz-Cure Ultra Violet Systems maintain a high standard in the design and manufacture of ultra violet equipment that is now manufactured in China. RunWing UV passed all ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certification requirements for Europe in 2000.

Our Ultra Violet equipment is all made to the highest standard using quality electrical and mechanical components. Our computerized equipment uses Mitsubishi PLC’s. We are open to suggestions and are willing to accommodate other designs. Our goal is to improve our products. All our equipment comes with a 12-month warranty and is backed by local service technicians. 


Oz-Cure Ultra Violet Systems supplies a range of Shuttered UV Irradiators for web printing of label, off-set and gravure printers. These shuttered systems can either be motor or pneumatically driven. The reflectors can be either dichroic or made of polished aluminum. The lamp wattages vary depending on print speeds, and substrates. The curing width can be anywhere from 75mm up to 2000mm. We will build your system to your requirements and your budget. 


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